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Powerboat of the year nomination 2021

Boat Shows 2020

Updated on 2020/02/25
  • Båtmässan, Göteborg, 1-9 February
  • Dra til Sjøs, Bergen, 6-9 February
  • Vene 20 Båt -messut, Helsinki, 7-16 February
  • Allt för sjön, Stockholm, 7-15 March
  • Amsterdam Boatshow, 11-15 March
  • Sjøn for alle, Oslo, 18-22 March
  • Marstrands båtmässa, 21-23 August
  • Allt för sjön, Gustavsberg, 28-30 August
  • Boat & Fun, Berlin, 19-22 November

Latest Test

Updated on 2020/02/25

IRON 767 - The "Pleasure Machine"

It's a rare thing, but once a year you get the opportunity to ride a boat that exceeds almost everything. Last year that experience was, without a doubt, fulfilled by IRON 767 after we got to try in rough conditions outside the western archipelago of Sweden.

This is a very measured console boat with elegant design, perfect hull design, smart interior and many fine details.

Lars H Lindén, Båtliv

Read the full here(review in swedish)

2nd Latest Test

Updated on 2020/02/25

IRON 767 - Joyful ride with simplicity as its hallmark

IRON is fun to ride. No question about it!

Gustav Morin,

It's not gadgets or trendy functions that is making swedish IRON to stick out. But sticking out it is!

An experience of complete horror!

Claes Olivecrona,

Read the full review at in swedish)

3nd Latest Test

Updated on 2020/02/25

IRON 647 - sturdy feeling for a power boat

If you are content with a creamy white Volvo station wagon that can transport your family safely from one point to another - without any excitement what so ever. Then you can disregard this test all together.

It's incredibly fun to pilot a small boat in rough sea.

Gustav Morin,

Read the full review at in swedish)